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So guy's my name is Avril Lauren Sanderson a.k.a EwwieG! Im from SA,Nothren Cape, Springbok-NAMQUALAND...Like anyother person i went threw trails and tribulations but by the grace of God overcame them... I was a rebel but accepted Jesus Christ and my life changed instantly...my music are influenced by my expieriences that i went threw and are going threw... I am an inspirational/ anointed gospel singer... Im driven by passion... I also love the more technical side of music-producing and sound engineering... I am a singer songwriter and play music instruments like the base, drums, kitaar and keybord but my passion is sining... In the future i will open a music school/recording studio in NAMAQUALAND cause ther is alote of talent and i want to also prote the local talent of the NOTHREN CAPE... My msg to u guys is EMBRACE YOUR TALENT

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